Container Maintenance and Repair

To support our empty storage operations, we have a dedicated team of qualified container repairers including a mobile team that can perform surveys and carry out repairs at the customers own premises. Our mobile team can also carry out CSC inspections and perform temporary repairs both at customer premises and at port terminals.

To complement our general repairs we also provide refurbishment of containers to upgrade them to food, malt and sugar standard specification (CDOF) and rapid drying out of containers using industrial mobile space heaters. Steam cleaning of containers can also be requested.

If you require the fitting or removal of hanging garment assemblies our M&R team can assist. Empty containers can be sent in to our depots, where our engineers will remove the railings and restitute the box back into shipping line stock. Alternatively, if hanging garment rails are required for export, we can fit ready for collection of the container.

Liner bags, flexi tank and bulk liquid bags can be fitted into your nominated containers for the loading of bulk liquids such as wine, beer and powered commodities such as malt and sugar. In addition to this service, we can also remove and dispose of liner bags.