Bespoke Container Conversions

Pentalver specialise in taking ISO shipping containers and turning them into all manner of things, often with the purpose of storage. Due to their size and strength, ISO shipping containers lend themselves to be highly adaptable. Our dedicated CAD Designers and workshop teams have turned containers into offices, workshops, classrooms, stables, laboratories, water treatment plants, mobile generators, Biomass Boiler units, Event and Show units and numerous other applications. To find out more visit our accessories page.

Converting Shipping containers into bird hides. . .

WWT contacted Pentalver to engage our expertise and see if we could assist if with converting a shipping container into a bird hide. Over 3 years has passed and we have now created 4 bird hides from shipping containers. Each container was designed around WWT requirements, fitted with low windows for disabled access and self-activated windows. Every bird hide is complete with living sedum evergreen roofs ensuring the conversions are as environmentally friendly as possible along with the red cedar cladding, creating minimal impact on the landscape around them.

Pentalver are pleased to have engaged on such a project. Find out more about WWT here

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