Converted Container Workshops

Pentalver can create multiple workshops, bespoke to your requirements, from the choice of colour to the layout inside. The benefit of a container conversion is that it is a drop to site solution, safe, self-contained and cost effective. Each workshop comes with certified electrical installation and optional air conditioning units. Vinyl flooring, multi-locking personal doors and security shutters are fitted as a standard specification, but other options are available. To find out more visit our accessories page.

Minimal groundwork is required. Planning permission is not always necessary but we advise you to check with your local authority. Converted container is an investment as will hold a residual resale value.

Case Study - Volvo Ocean Yacht Race

Volvo Ocean Race, Converted Container, Conversion, Converted Workshop

The 2014-15 Volvo Ocean Race was different than previous years, with the introduction of a single racing yacht design, the “Volvo Ocean 65”, but it also heralded a very different off water technical challenge. In previous races, Teams had provided their own support crews, with containerised workshops that followed the yacht to each leg of the race. With a single yacht design, the Race Organisers decided to compliment this with the concept of a single Boatyard facility; comprising a suite of 40ft Hi-Cube Workshop Containers within a 1200 square metre enclosed work area. Pentalver was selected to deliver the workshop elements of the Boatyard, having built various yacht workshops for Ocean Race Teams and Super Yacht customers previously. Our Conversions team worked with the Race Organisers to help design and layout custom workshops that could be deployed to each leg of the race, to support the various technical aspects of the yachts, from Sail making through to Electronics. Pentalver worked closely with the Race Organisers to ensure that the workshops could withstand the rigours of worldwide shipping, the frantic activity of race teams and provide a cost effective product that would last this race and many more to come. Pentalver fulfilled the brief on time & on budget, and we look forward to seeing the containers in use again for the upcoming 2017-8 Volvo Ocean Race. See for more.