Second Hand Containers

Second Hand Containers offer a cheaper alternative for storage. Depending on your need we can help to offer the best solution for you. Shipping containers are excellent for the storage of a wide variety of items, including plant equipment, motorcycles, documents and retail stock.

Pentalver have a dedicated workshop team who can fit electric lights, windows, personnel doors and shelving on new and secondhand container purchases. Please visit our container conversion page or accessories for more details.

We can supply a variety of equipment: 20ft General Purpose, 40ft General Purpose, 40ft High Cube, 45ft High Cube, 20ft Flat Rack, 40ft Flat Rack, 20ft Open Top, 40ft Open Top and 10ft stores.

Case Study: Suffolk Wildlife Trust

Container being delivered to wildlife trust

Pentalver were approached by Suffolk Wildlife Trust who required storage to be able to manage the park easier. Pentalver provided a 20 foot shipping container that would allow the wildlife trust to store any equipment they may have to manage the park.

After delivery of the container Michael Strand, development manager of Suffolk Wildlife Trust updated Pentalver on the benefits the general purpose container had bought to the park. "I can now confirm the container provided by Pentalver to Suffolk Wildlife Trust now sits snuggly amongst the ancient ash, oak and hazel of Bradfield Woods National Nature Reserve. The container is proving a massive hit for the staff and volunteers, making their daily task of managing this majestic part of our natural heritage a whole lot easier".

Pentalver are pleased to see the container bringing benefits to the wildlife trust! To find out how a shipping container can benefit you, or if you have any requirements, please contact