How was The Pen-Tavern created?

How was The Pen-Tavern created?

Due to the popularity of the stand in previous years, Pentalver will be returning to multimodal 2017 with its pub favourite The Pen-Tavern, a three container conversion stand for the third year in a row. In 2016 Pentalver welcomed over 1000 visitors to our stand, and we hope to welcome even more this year.

In previous years, Pentalver had visited Multimodal and shown off some capable conversions which intrigued visitors and gave an idea of what we could offer. However Pentalver soon thought about how we could go the extra mile and really show off the company’s conversion capabilities. This had to match with the idea where we could have a stand which was not only interesting but also enjoyable to meet and greet customers.

Pentalver have a range of logistics services which supply the UK with road haulage, container storage, container maintenance and repair, cargo handling, a VOSA workshop and even a training academy. In addition to this Pentalver are one of the biggest suppliers of containers in the UK supplying new and second hand containers. Container conversions are also a big part of our container sales services throughout the UK which helped Pentalver develop the idea of the pub and made sure this became a reality.

Containers are ordered directly with one of many production factories in China. All sizes of containers are ordered on a quarterly basis. Once the containers are manufactured, they are loaded with export cargo and sent to the UK with any form of commodity you can think of. Once the container arrives in the UK, it is customs cleared and then the cargo is delivered to its final destination. When the cargo has been delivered, the container is then returned to one of many Pentalver locations around the UK. The containers for the pub arrived at Pentalver’s Southampton depot ready for the creation of the Pen-Tavern.

Once the design team came up with some ideas on how the pub would look and the final layout was decided, work could begin to create The Pen-Tavern. The containers were moved to Pentalver’s fully covered workshops where the magic can begin. Side walls were removed, frames were fabricated and attached, apertures cut, lining and sealing added, and the blank canvas for the pub was ready. The cladding was then fabricated and with the help of a local set design company, the fixtures and fittings began taking shape. After many licks of paint the Pen-Tavern was born!

In order to transport the pub to multimodal, the process is reversed and the containers are dismantled carefully so they can be transported by a Hiab lorry from Southampton to Birmingham. Before the show, all fixtures were double checked and then the containers were on their way. On arrival at the NEC, the lorries entered the show hall and proceeded to position the containers with their on board cranes and into the correct layout. All of the cladding that had been moved for transit was then re-attached, electric was connected, the tables and chairs laid out and most importantly the beer and wine were supplied.

There you have the creation of The Pen-Tavern, a shipping container has a world of possibilities that it can be converted into and only relies on imagination. With some serious thought and some highly skilled workmanship, your imagination, could become a reality. Pentalver welcome you to Multimodal, and to our stand 7010.