The first CakeBoxx Container arrives at Pentalver

The first CakeBoxx Container arrives at Pentalver

Pentalver will be the first company in Northern Europe to offer the innovative doorless CakeBoxx products. The containers, which offer secure, cost-effective and damage-resistant container options for the global shipping and transportation market, are ISO-compliant and fit seamlessly into all intermodal processes, including stacking, storage, terminal transfers and ship, rail and truck haulage.

CakeBoxx is a long-awaited solution to a market segment that has not had many options when it comes to protecting against cargo theft. CakeBoxx also offers a superior option for shippers and trans loaders that for decades have had to load irregular shaped cargoes through the door end of a traditional container.

“Now that CakeBoxx is in the UK and European marketplace, establishing relationships with recognized market leaders is our top priority. Our goal is to offer our customers an innovative, money-saving product combined with best-in-class customer service,” said Daine Eisold, CEO of CakeBoxx Technologies.

“At CakeBoxx we think in terms of solutions, not just product sales. Pentalver was an easy choice for us to make. They are not only the most capable and most well-respected container depot operator in the country, they are a ‘thought-leader’ in the industry. Working with Sam Baggley and his outstanding team is truly an honor for us and we couldn’t be more excited to call Pentalver our partner,” Eisold added.

CakeBoxx intermodal shipping containers offer significant advantages to shippers, particularly in terms of enhanced security, side loading efficiencies and streamlined inspections at ports. Pentalver welcomes the opportunity to lead the way with CakeBoxx in the UK as they introduce this unique design” said Sam Baggley, Pentalver UK Container Sales Manager. Pentalver will work in close partnership with Chris Clark, Director of UK and European Sales and Marketing for CakeBoxx, to address specific client requirements.

The lid is raised and lowered by all standard container-handling equipment commonly used at ports, manufacturing plants, construction sites and cargo-loading facilities. The CakeBoxx container product line includes:

  • CakeBoxx Standard – standard 20’ and 40’ CakeBoxx models for dry cargo
  • FreshBoxx – an insulated version of the CakeBoxx that maintains the temperature of temperature sensitive cargos for up to 72 hours without costly mechanical refrigeration equipment
  • ShortBoxx – a half-height CakeBoxx that can be double-stacked in the same space as a traditional container, making it ideal for shipping heavy and drum cargo.
  • CustomBoxx - the unique, doorless design of the CakeBoxx makes it highly customizable to meet unique, user-defined shipping and storage needs.

If you would like any further information with regards to the CakeBoxx product or our services, please do not hesitate to contact Sam Baggley or Container Sales Team who will be able to assist you further. Call: 0333 150 4480 or e-mail