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Cargo Handling Course

The cargo handling certificate is an accredited level three programme that was originally written to meet the requirements for the Ministry of Defence.


It is imperative that all cargo is secured to maintain its integrity; however cargo inside containers has the added disadvantage of movement through intermodal transhipment.

Guidelines issued by the International Maritime Organisation, The department of Transport and the regulatory bodies that govern transport by Road, Rail, Sea and Air, all offer recommendations & advice to correctly secure cargo, perform appropriate stowage, segregation & monitor weight distribution in order to prevent movement.

Despite the regulations above, damage to cargo and property is estimated at millions of pounds per year due to incorrect securing and stowage.

Cargo Handling Course details:

The course consists of 1 day of classroom instruction, 1 day of practical assessments and written examinations.

The course is validated by the Institute of the Motor Industry awards and the successful candidate achieves a level three qualification.

Course Components

The main components of the course are:

  • Cargo handling
  • International regulations
  • Cargo segregation
  • Hazardous material identification
  • Cargo stowage and procedures to secure cargo correctly
  • Forces acting upon cargo
  • Basic cranage procedures

Pre requisites for the Cargo Handling courses:

  • Good literary skills
  • Basic understanding of container loading
  • A reasonable level of mathematics


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