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Transportation Controlled Waste Training Courses

The term controlled waste comes from Section 75(4) of the Environment Protection Act 1990 and is defined as “household, industrial and commercial wastes or any such waste.” Further detail on the meaning of household, industrial and commercial waste is provided in the Controlled Waste Regulations 1992.


There are many companies that transport controlled waste. Controlled waste is any quantity of waste that is produced by a commercial enterprise. Controlled waste can be in solid form such as scrap metals, baled paper and plastics or in liquid form.

Course details:

This course is designed to cater for companies that transport Non Hazardous Waste.

The course duration is seven hours. It aims to raise awareness of potential dangers and to ensure legal compliance with regards to current and upcoming legislation. Also included within the course is demonstration and basic instruction in Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, (CPR) to meet the current Government drive to equip Drivers with this skill.

We can deliver this course at our Pentalver Training Facilities, or at your premises, providing there are viable numbers of candidates.

The course carries with it full accreditation with the Institute of the Motor Industry.

Scrapping waste


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