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soak.com Bathroom Specialists

soak.com are an online Bathroom Specialist and have been working with Pentalver on a Merchant Haul basis since 2016. Cargo is moved in containers from the Ports of Southampton, Felixstowe and London Gateway to regional distribution centres in the North West.

Pentalver understand the importance that on-time deliveries are to a retailer such as soak.com and wanted to create a solution which took as many of the issues from soak.com as possible. Pentalver were originally completing timed deliveries but after discussions, it was proposed a drop and swap operation would provide a seamless service.

Pentalver were able to drop containers into the warehouse the day prior to delivery dates allowing soak.com the flexibility to unload the container and Pentalver can manage the empty return of the container to port within the restitution dates to avoid any additional demurrage.

“The service level has been reliable; as much as the UK roads allow, and any issues that have occurred we have received timely updates, usually with an immediate resolution. The relationship we have with Pentalver has been upgraded from original timed deliveries to a drop and swap solution and off quay storage at depots across the UK.”

Sally Julian, Imports Manager

The partnership between Pentalver and Soak.com has also allowed the company to reduce their quay rent with any long-stay containers and bring them into a Pentalver terminal before the warehouse is able to take delivery of the container. This is fully visible to soak.com who can plan and understand their supply chain with full visibility of their containers.

This relationship has provided good quality service to ensure their supply chain runs smoothly knowing any delays are costly to a retailer. Pentalver are in a position to expand their growth with soak.com and develop the relationship even further in the future.



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