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About the G&W Training Academy

G&W is a fully accredited training provider in Cannock capable of offering both bespoke and off-the-shelf industry-approved, high quality and cost-effective training for businesses of all sizes. If you would prefer your training delivered elsewhere, please let us know your requirements.

Our purpose-built training facility in Cannock offers the capacity for both internal and external trainees, covering a wide range of driver, safety and first aid courses. All courses can be tailored and developed to suit the individual requirements of the intended recipient(s) and are delivered by, professional, highly competent, IAM RoadSmart approved trainers.

After more than a century in the logistics industry, we have developed a strong understanding of customers’ requirements, allowing our training coordinators to tailor support and training programmes to meet the demands of the market.

One of our most popular courses is a driver Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Developed under EU Directive 2003/59, this course is designed to improve the knowledge, skills and ultimately safety of professional LGV Drivers. We also offer a bespoke CPC course writing service, working with transport operators to fulfil their requirements.

Another popular choice is our half-day Yard Safety Training course which covers: pedestrian walkways, Forklift truck (FLT) and LGV awareness, loading and unloading procedures, load restraints, curtain security and safety, curtain straps, central poles, safety in bad weather and relevant manual handling techniques connected with all aspects of the course.

G&W is committed to reducing our impact on the environment and communities we operate in, which is why we invested in research to better understand how those in the transportation industry can be more eco-friendly. This knowledge was used to inform our Be Green – Be Safe course which covers topics such as eco driving, fuel consumption reduction, driver fatigue, speed awareness and more.

The training academy also offers the following courses: A Driver’s Day, Stay Safe – Stay Legal, compliance auditing, driver assessments, drink and drug driving workshops, digital tachograph workshops and various post collision training. Trainees can also find courses available on first aid at work and multiple ADR qualifications for transporting dangerous goods.


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