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Hazardous Awareness Courses

Health and Safety Executives recognise the necessity for all persons dealing with and handling dangerous commodities to have a level of training commensurate with their duties.

Logistics Hazardous Awareness course

The Logistics Hazardous Awareness course comprises of 6 hours classroom delivery covering the handling, storage, recognition, and emergency procedures for all classes of dangerous commodities. Included in the training, is some basic first aid guidance for dealing with emergencies relating to dangerous goods.

Retail Hazardous Awareness course

The Retail Hazardous Awareness course comprises of 6 hours of classroom delivery comprising of dangerous commodity recognition, handling and emergency procedures. Included in the training is the control of substance hazardous to health regulations, the health and safety executive guidelines, and some basic first aid guidance when dealing with hazardous materials.

Course details:

The courses are suitable for all employees working with any dangerous materials in either an industrial, commercial or retail environment.

We can deliver the hazardous awareness courses at our Pentalver Training Facilities, or at your premises, providing there are viable numbers of candidates.

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